434 Writeup Instructions

The goal for you laboratory writeups is to be the quality of work you would give to an advisor, boss, or co-worker. You should be able to hand it to someone in this class who missed the lab (even though that would never happen), and they could fully understand the material from reading your lab. So a few key ideas to keep in mind:

  • Treat your lab writeup as an essay. You can use words, plots, and math $ \left(P(x)= \int_x^\infty \rm{pdf}(x')dx'\right)$ in any combination you like, but together they should present a clear narrative explanation. You will be graded on the clarity of your explanation.
  • Getting the right answer is the minimum. It is expected you will get the right answer, and you should be confident you did. You then need to explain it (see above).
  • The audience is your classmates, not your TA (your TA already knows the material). As a lab partner you will be expected to comment and help on the clarity of your partner's lab report.

Some more minor notes and expectations:

  • Plot axes should be labeled, including units.
  • It can be short (haiku) or long (novel), but make it clear.
  • It is good to use your own voice.
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